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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

In the beginning of the academic year, all the students are divided into four different HOUSES:

  1. St. Augustine Group (Red)

  2. St. Monica Group (Blue)

  3. St. Nicholas Group (Green) 

  4. St. Rita Group (Yellow).  


Inter house literary, cultural and sports competitions, annual day, pongal, are conducted. Every Saturday morning thematic assemblies are held and competitions are conducted to develop healthy competition among the students.

The House System is incorporated to encourage students to compete in various extra curricular activities. This system induces their enthusiasm, competitive spirit and gives them a chance to find out their talents and where they excel. They develop confidence, learn to overcome their shyness, fear of being ridiculed and above all learn to accept both success and failure with equanimity which is very much essential in life. They imbibe soft skills which will be of great use to them in their career. 

The students sport T- shirts are of these colours. Each house has a captain and a vice captain who handle different portfolios like cultural, sports etc.

Day to day activities, competitions are conducted in systematic and disciplined manners.

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