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higher secondary

Higher secondary education is vital for students because it allows them to proceed in their careers. This is a stage where students identify their subjects of interest for future learning and get a better understanding of their career path. Thus, at this stage, they are better informed to select the subjects and streams of their choices and aptitude. Therefore, career advancement is one of the major benefits of this education system. A good education makes them a prospect for employers to pursue.

With this in mind St. Augustine Matric, Hr. Sec. School offers a curriculum which emphasizes basic facts and conceptual understanding, processes and skills, application of knowledge acquired, use of technology, etc. While the curriculum focuses on achieving this subject based objectives, it also develops a positive attitude to think and analyze logically, reasoning abilities, problem-solving approaches, and interdisciplinary learning.


The following are the groups offered for the students of Higher Secondary:

1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology

2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science

3. Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Computer Applications


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