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SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH is the motto of the school. Search for the truth is at the heart of Augustinian education. Augustine was a life – long learner who tried to find the truth in his life and ultimately found it within himself. The student’s task is to expose the truth to the light by utilizing their God-given potential. Truth is not something frozen that can be captured; rather, it is learning to move beyond oneself in the learning journey with an open spirit which is the education of the freedom, where we are incharge of our own will. An open spirit nourishes one’s mind, heart, and social unity.  No one person possesses all of the truth; therefore, we need to respect each person’s contribution toward it.  The process of the search for truth should include a dialogue between the teacher and the student, as the teacher facilitates learning.

To facilitate a conducive ambience for joyful learning, holistic growth and academic excellence, imparting the Augustinian values of Unity (Unitas), Truth (Veritas) and Charity (Caritas), which are central to the philosophy of Augustinian education, and thus promote and develop a well-balanced and integrated personality of the child.

St. Augustine school is a nurturing ground for the child’s holistic development by providing the best possible quality education for child’s physical, intellectual, moral and social development and character building.

It helps each student realize the value of one’s own dignity, inner potentials, skills and talents and provides ample opportunities to showcase the best of themselves.

To have an efficient smooth functioning system that will caters to meet the needs of our students as well as their parents.

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