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high school

High School is a stage where the children learn to be more independent This helps them to gain more practical exposure to new environments and build confidence. It results in strong social skills and helps for a better adjustment to their school life.  It is the bridge that connects primary education with higher education. It is at this juncture a student decides what professional he did like to pursue as a career.

We try to promote  rational development in the students through which they gain practical skills. this is achieved through various activities conducted - quiz, debates, speech competition, spell bee, enrichment of vocabulary in English and Tamil. They also engage in various sports activities like athletics, games and participate in zonal, district and state level competitions in Yoga, chess, and karate. 

They engage in various other activities like music, dance, singing, drama, scouts and guides.

Apart from academics we also emphasise on value education and personal formation of students to cope with the life.

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