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UPPER primary

Curriculum includes the core subject areas of Language Arts - English, Tamil and Hindi, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, as well as Music, Yoga, western dance, classcial dance, karate, Personal and Social Education, and Physical Education. We try to deliver a balanced literacy program for students. The use of technology responsibly is taught through IT - computer lessons as well as being woven into all areas of the curriculum. Students have access to computers, and SmartBoards throughout the day to foster creativity and design thinking processes. 

Apart  from  academic  learning,  different  competitions  are conducted, periodically,  in order  to develop  their  thinking,  speaking and writing  skills.  Importance is given for  the  Augustinian values and holistic  development  of the students. Special  attention  is given  to the  slow  learners for whom special  classes are arranged to improve  their  learning.  

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