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Primary provides a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to experience new things while building the foundational skills necessary for academic success. Our program focuses on innovative practices that promote learning at deeper levels. We are an English medium school, but recognise that language acquisition and respect for each other’s mother tongue is essential. 


Various activities are conducted for the primary students such as creating new Tamil words, Spell bee, Tamil and English speech, essay writing competition, fancy dress and drawing competition. Students experience a curriculum that encourages the creation of new things and the solving of real-world problems. Students are empowered to set goals, reflect on their learning, and take action. Creativity is developed as students are provoked to think deeper and share their learning in a variety of ways.

We conduct various activities for the overall development of the students. Speech competition and fancy dress competition helped the students to develop their public speaking skill and gain confidence and overcome stage fear. These competitions introduces the students to the stage and it is the first step to becoming confident. Drawing competition helped them to develop their imagination and creativity.

We focus on the development of the whole child in every area of learning; academic, emotional, and social learning are all valued.

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